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Why try Life Coaching?

Life coaching is for anyone who looks at life as it is now and feels like it could be better, but you can't quite manage it yourself. It is client led so you decide what it is you want to work on.  Although I specialise in neurodiverse coaching, I see many individuals where there is no connection to neurodiversity at all. 

We all have things in life that are good, things that aren't so good, and things that are so bad you may have no control over or want to make changes but simply don't know where to start.   

It can help you to acknowledge when some of these things cannot be changed and when that is the case, we look to how you respond to them.  If you responded a different way would it make the unchangeable easier to deal with?

You may have a goal and an idea of what the end result looks like but you have no idea how to get there or there appears to be too many barriers in the way.  Life coaching can help you look for ways to break down or get around those barriers.

Life coaching looks to finding solutions that are realistic to you. If offers you a different perspective and can help you gain a better understanding of you, your behaviour, how you think and the impact this can have on your life.  

My role as the life coach is to support you in this.  I will not advise, I will not judge you nor will I tell you what to do.  What I will do is help you gain a better understanding of the choices you make to improve your life and why you feel they are the right choices.  

Life coaching can often be solution focused.  And yes I know there are times where these solutions appear to be simple, so easy,  but if things were so easy we would have done it already... right??

Life coaching is a type of talking therapy that looks at helping you find different ways of dealing with the stress and anxiety in life, it looks to improving your confidence and self esteem.  It looks to exploring what you think the solutions are and if they are realistic and achievable. 

Life coaching can be used for many a scenario or situation, whether it is something personal to you as an individual or something that you can do that has an impact on the world around you.  Your goal or focus can be something that happens in a relatively short space of time or something that requires a bit more time to work on and achieve in smaller steps.  

Some clients come after therapy as it's a great follow on from counselling and helps individuals to focus and move forward.

Some choose to come as they feel therapy isn't for them as they wish to move forward in life. 


Many successful and satisfied individuals sign up for life coaching because they want another challenge, maybe to try something new and life coaching is a new thing to them.  I see people from all walks of life and the one thing they all want it change.


And yes there is old "empowering others" cliche.  Believe it or not it does happen.  I see it quite often.   

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