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So why the chameleon?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

When I was thinking about logos and names, a friend and I sat down and looked at various logos and the usual kinds things came up re evolving and growing. There were butterflies and emotions and all the usual stuff. Tried and tested. Subjects and images that have been used time and time again, it all looked like the same old same old. We used a thesaurus and typed in various words and at some point a chameleon was mentioned.

It struck a chord with me straight away.

Firstly because in my mind they are colourful creatures and I love nothing more than a rainbow of colour. Secondly because it was different to all the usual folk out there promoting their coaching business.

I can relate to chameleons. They have an adaptive layer that allows them to change colour, a form of camouflage that allows them to blend into their surroundings. They also change colour due to temperature or other conditions. A colour change can also signify its intentions to other chameleons.

It gets me thinking about autism and masking.

In a world that is neurotypical, neurodiverse people mask as a way of being accepted in a neurotypical world.

Just like a chameleon changes colour to camouflage or fit into its surroundings, many of us autistic folk use masking to fit into a social situation such as school or a workplace. We learn to imitate the words, facial expressions, phrases and behaviours of others to blend in rather than stand out, it’s practically a survival strategy. It can help us feel safe. It’s also exhausting and can have an effect on both physical and mental health. It takes a lot of effort.

I also think about life coaching and how it can bring about change. The ability to change something in one area of your life that can impact on other areas, intentional or not. While there are somethings we cannot change, there other things that we can and for those that we can, we can decide how, when and where.

Within every individual there is the power to change. Sometimes we can make these changes for ourselves and sometimes we need help in doing this.

That is where life coaching can help.

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