What types of goals do clients have?

A image defining things that are hard to do but necessary to grow e.g. setting boundaries, saying no

All of the above and more!!
Sometimes individuals hear about life coaching and think that goal setting is around getting a new job, passing a driving test or time management but there are other types of goals, just like the ones listed above.  
Goals like the ones shown in the image above are one of the most popular things that my clients wish to work on but there are many other things out there.  
Maybe it's work related and you want to be a better boss, maybe it's family orientated and you want other ideas as to how to make family life easier. Just like there are many types of goals, there are many different types of coaching.  Some are specialist niches, others concern life in general.  No matter what the area is that you are considering coaching for, each area in life can impact on another. 

For those without a particular goal in mind, it's usually because they feel stuck.  They know they aren't satisfied with life but can't quite put their finger on it, often saying that things aren't what they used to be, that they don't enjoy life in the same way they used to.  
Life coaching can help with that.